Management Consulting and Advisory Team

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We are a network of experts with over 50 years of combined experience working with public and private partners from enterprise to Wall Street. Our team comprises a broad spectrum of capabilities including: media and branding, raising venture capital, technology development,  and reliable infrastructure implementation in Africa.

DreamAfrica Consulting Projects

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Eco Hubs are off-grid tech and innovation hubs located in smaller regional capitals and towns across Africa. DreamAfrica is developing coliving/coworking sites with reliable infrastructure, all inclusive work environments, and contracts with outsourcing firms for a consistent flow of work. The first pilot Eco Hub is being implemented in Kasese, Uganda in 2019.  …

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The History and Future of Science and Technology in Africa. Book available on pre-sale on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, and #AskAsingia @brianasingia  PRE-ORDER A COPY

About DreamAfrica Consulting

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Interdisciplinary consulting connecting African women and youth to new opportunities and access to technology, sustainable infrastructure, ecotourism and other enterprises through pilot projects, technical training and leadership summits, policy advocacy, and branding strategies.


By 2035 Africa will have more youth reaching working age than all other continents combined. Our vision is by 2035, Africa will have a skilled workforce, trained in technology, sustainable infrastructure, enterprise development and leadership to lead the continent into a sustainable future.


Consult in Branding, Policy Advocacy, and Technology to develop relationships with entities. Utilize these entities to develop pilot projects within Ecohubs. Organize Youth and Women Training and Leadership Summits at Ecohubs to educate, empower and encourage the development of new enterprises.



Branding Strategies

Sustainable Development

Policy Advocacy (Books, TV, Legislation and Op-Eds)

Youth and women entreprenuerial ownership

Global Strategic Connections

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